Michael Spiro:  Music & Comedy

So Who is Michael Spiro?  That’s a difficult question!  Since Michael began performing professionally, audiences and critics alike have been trying to come up with an appropriate label.  His unique blend of music and comedy goes beyond the limits of most musical categories.  As a singer-songwriter and acoustic/electric guitar-player, over the years Michael has performed at countless clubs, concert halls, and hundreds of colleges and universities. He has also opened major concerts for several national acts, and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs all over the United States.

In Concert:  Michael usually performs as a solo act producing an intimate contact with audiences, which he feels is vital in coming across with warmth and humor.  Whether performing in a large hall concert, in a mini-concert, or a coffeehouse show, Spiro never fails to make people laugh, sing along, and feel like they’ve gotten to know him a little better.  In performance, at least half of the material consists of Spiro originals – some humorous songs, some serious ballads, and a few sing-alongs.  The rest of the material is a mixture of other people’s songs – some popular, some obscure, and several parodies of familiar themes (like American Diet, or Stairway to Gilligan's Island).  Michael seems to have a special knack for making his audiences feel at home, turning the largest hall into an intimate listening room.

Recordings:  Michael has released two albums on the Midas Productions label.  The track Music, Sex & Cookies from his second album received national airplay on the Dr. Dimento Radio Show.  Recently, both of Spiro’s albums were digitally remastered from the original master tapes and re-released (complete with extra bonus tracks) both in CD form and as digital downloads.  The physical CD’s can be purchased here.  All the tracks are also available for purchase on iTunes, and can be streamed on both Spotify and Soundcloud.  And you can listen for free to all the tracks from both of the newly remastered CD’s, as well as some website-only bonus tracks on the Discography page.

Michael currently resides in the Cleveland, Ohio area with his wife, Gail. Their four children, two dogs and their cat are all dedicated cookie connoisseurs!